Thursday, June 27
10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Salon A

Design Alchemy: Transforming the Way We Think About Teaching and Learning

Keynote Conversation ID: 40385
  1. aaa
    Roderick Sims
    The Univ. of Southern Queensland

Abstract: The application of computers to learning emerged from the Skinnerian Programmed Instruction concepts in the late 1960s and gained momentum in the late 1970s. Over the past four decades we have seen incredible shifts in computer technology but, arguably, little shifts in the way we think about pedagogy and the design of educational experiences. One of the foundational methodologies in this field, Instructional Design, remains a dominant force in the techniques people use to create computer-mediated teaching and learning environments. However, Instructional Design as a practice emerged prior to the rise of computers and education and its continued use and dominance remains more and more contentious. This presentation will elaborate on a model titled Design Alchemy, an integration of pedagogical and theoretical frameworks specifically structured to take advantage of the environments in which we work and enable truly social, collaborative, engaging teaching AND learning experiences. The presentation will include a range of examples as to how the principles of Design Alchemy can transform the way we think about teaching and learning.

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