Share Paper: How assurance case technique would justify the dependability of the upload data-flow diagram of the Distributed E-Learning System called KISSEL

  1. Vaise Patu, Information and Technology Department of Nagoya University, Japan
Thursday, June 27 11:15-11:35 AM Oak Bay 2

Abstract: Information and communication technologies (ICT) are rapidly developing in recent years. Very often, new and up-coming technologies do introduced a variety of possibilities for improving a variety of systems including E-learning systems and methods. This paper (1) briefly describes and explains about the D-case technique and E-learning system (web portal) called KISSEL (Knowledge Integrated Server System for E-Learning). (2) This paper provides an easy to learn and adapt way of how to map out and create the dependability case tree diagram of any system by using the technique called D-Case. (3) We explain our new method of how to write ...