Share Paper: Loosely Coupled Web Representations: A REST Service and JavaScript Wrapper for Sharing Web-Based Visual Representations

  1. Trevor Collins, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom
  2. Kevin Quick, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom
  3. Richard Joiner, University of Bath, United Kingdom
  4. Karen Littleton, The Open University, UK, United Kingdom
Tuesday, June 25 2:00-2:30 PM Sidney

Abstract: This paper presents the design and application of a web service architecture for providing shared access to web-based visual representations, such as dynamic models, simulations and visualizations. The Shared Representations (SR) system was created to facilitate the development of collaborative and co-operative learning activities over the web, and has been applied to provide shared group access to: a high-resolution image viewer, a virtual petrological microscope, and a forces and motion spring simulation. As well as explaining the architecture and three applications, we briefly present the findings from a user study looking at primary school children’s use of a shared spring ...