Share Paper: Implementing iPads in a reggio classroom: Digital storytelling to document student learning on a teacher’s budget

  1. Erin Reid, Royal Roads University, Canada
  2. Doug Reid, Wayfinder Education Group, Canada
  3. Nathaniel Ostashewski, Curtin University, Australia
Thursday, June 27 11:55 AM-12:15 PM Lecture Theater

Abstract: This action research project was based on implementing mobile learning technology into an elementary school classroom using the Reggio approach. This technology project was introduced to evaluate whether iPads could be incorporated into a Reggio school with young learners. The goal was to explore iPad use as a manner in which to heighten student achievement and engagement. In practice it was discovered that if supported sufficiently with professional development provision, infrastructure and funding, iPads could be used to allow students to demonstrate and guide their learning. In theory, the iPads compliment other components of the Reggio educational approach even when ...