Share Paper: DeckChair Tutor: a scalable eLearning system for the mastery of core competencies and the maintenance of fluent performance.

  1. Jeff Graham, University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada
Wednesday, June 26 5:15-5:45 PM Oak Bay 1

Abstract: DeckChair Tutor provides a scalable content management and online delivery system for the mastery of core competencies in the sciences, languages, and in any domain where both speed and accuracy are considered central to performance evaluation. This eLearning system’s tools allow publishers, authors and/or instructors to create and deliver multimedia lessons, simulate real-life scenarios, deliver tests, and assessments to train and measure time-critical decision making skills. Speed and accuracy performance measures are used to track learning, remediate deficiencies, and plan future learning objectives. DeckChair Tutor guides learners through a self-paced tutoring and rehearsal system in standalone and hybrid settings where ...