Wednesday, June 26
11:15 AM-12:15 PM
Saanich 1

A Game-based and Multi-player Simulation

Virtual Brief Paper ID: 39197
  1. aaa
    Abdurrahman Arslanyilmaz
    Youngstown State University
  2. Brandi Stillman
    Youngstown State University
  3. Joseph Costello
    Youngstown State University

Abstract: Young and inexperienced drivers are disproportionately involved in all car crashes. Although programs like graduate driver licensing have reduced the fatality rate among novice drivers, they still remain unacceptably high for novice drivers as compared to older and experienced drivers. One of the most critical skills related to accident avoidance by a novice driver is the detection, recognition and reaction to traffic hazards, called hazard perception. There have been numerous attempts to improve novice drivers’ hazard perception skills through computer-based simulation training programs. However, none of them had multi-user capability and incorporated video commentaries by experts adapted to the mistakes of the drivers. The two purposes of this study are 1) to create a game-based multi-user online simulation training program, and 2) to measure its effectiveness on drivers’ hazard perception skills.

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