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Simulation Grants update

Posted by Manuel Frutos-Perez on January 16 2011 at 4:11 p.m.

I posted a few months ago about the SHE grants that UWE made available for colleagues who want to develop online simulations as part of their curricula. The university funded five projects, and they’ve just made their first interim reports. I won’t publish them here yet, as they were for internal use. I will post more detail this year as the projects progress, but for now, here are the five projects and the technologies each of them is using.

Ethics and corporate social responsibility simulator – Second Life.  Led by David Wornham (Faculty of Business and Law)

Integrated disaster response and recovery simulator – SIMITA (Blackboard/Sharepoint/Wimba mashup). Led by Dr Wendy Woodland (Faculty of Environment and Technology)

Virtual drug round – Second Life.  Led by Fiona Bastow (Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)

Sociology and criminology simulations – Second Life. Led by John Bird (Faculty of Creative Arts, Humanities and Education)

Simulating commercial transactions and disputes – SIMITA.  Led by Rachel Wood (Faculty of Business and Law).

The ethics and corporate social responsibility simulator will take place in a newly-built office tower block, which has just started construction. Once again it is a collaboration with our good friends and colleagues at Citrus Virtual. Here’s an early picture of the reception for the office block. We’re going for a form of Art Deco design, so the outside will eventually be reminiscent of the Chrysler Building

The office block reception under construction

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