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3D Printer update

Posted by Daniel Schneider on October 24 2011 at 1:17 p.m.

Light-weight UP! 3D printer

I updated information about 3D printers and moved this information from the fab lab article to 3D printing. The hot new consumer (or almost) machine is the Chinese UP!, available for about $2700 and ready to go. Commercial disruptive technology is now being designed in China. Good for China :). If you can't afford this model, look at the Solidoodle, available for an incredible low $700 (introductory price).

I also decided that I might rename my office Fablab TECFA since in addition to the RapMan and the Elna 8300 I got a Yamaha DGX-640 digital piano. Actually, I will move this hardware to our new teaching room (as soon as the locks are replaced) since I started teaching a class (STIC IV) on digital design and fabrication and I want this gear to be used by our students .

Unrelated: Also got myself an iPad (more later when I have time to explore something useful to do with it). I also got a bag of 5 extra cables (VGA, HDMI, HD, USB, CD, extra Power). No wonder why Apple hardware is slim. Before writing this update, I started searching for a good 3D capable laptop. I really am dismayed to discover that screen resolution is getting worse. E.g. A CHF 5000 Dell M6600 only has HD (1900x1080). How ridiculous can it get ? Does any of those "engineers" who play project managers ever read something on a screen or work with CS5 software or did the marketdroids took over design ? On my old XPS 1730 I have 1900x1280 which is not enough. Even the CHF 4000.- backbreaking 18.4 inch/6 kg Alienware M18 doesn't do better. Maybe I should sponsor the creation of an I hate full HD club ? HD is low resolution with respect to what computer display standards (e.g. WQHD or WQXGA) we should have in the upper price range. I am an old fashioned person and actually buy laptops to get work done and not just to watch TV.

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