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Explore the links below to learn about one or more of the many facets of geospatial education, including GIS, GPS, remote sensing, digital globes, web mapping, spatial thinking, or location analytics. Post your links in the comment box below and we'll grow the list.

Jumping into Geospatial Ed:

  1. Esri GIS Education Community:

  2. Geocaching Education:

  3. The Geospatial Semester (a model course for high school students):

  4. GISetc's geospatial books for education:

  5. Google Maps Education:

  6. Book: The People's Guide to Spatial Thinking (2014):

  7. Sketch-Up in K-12 Education (owned by Trimble): (higher education here)

  8. Curricular Resource Collections for GIS:

  9. SILC - The Spatial Learning and Intelligence Center:

  10. Geospatial Social Studies page: []

Research, Papers, & Presentations

  1. Search EdIT Lib:

  2. Search the bibliography at the EdCommunity:

  3. See: "Call for an agenda and center for GIS education" [PDF].

Sample Syllabi

  1. "GIS education courses for teachers" from Univ of Kansas, posted on Github:

  2. Lehigh:

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