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SITE 2015 K-12 geospatial workshop

K-12 Geospatial Tools and ArcGIS Online in the Age of the White House ConnectED Initiative

- Thomas Hammond, Lehigh University (university page)
- Thomas Baker, Esri (professional page)

Monday, March 2, 2015
1:30 PM-5:00 PM

This workshop will provide an overview of the core geospatial technologies and pedagogies used in K-12 education and the White House ConnectED Initiative (and related efforts) to bring free geospatial technologies to classrooms. Teacher educators who are new to geospatial technologies will gain hands-on experience with four key tools: GPS (smartphone-based), ArcGIS Online, Google Earth, and key data (e.g. remotely sensed imagery, historical, sensor-based scientific). Special emphasis will be placed on field data collection, storytelling, and data visualization.

Participants should plan to bring their own laptops and smartphones. Attendees who bring tablets will have partial access to the materials covered. Each attendee will receive a complimentary copy of Tech Enabled Field Studies and a copy of the Guide to GIS Analysis.

Linked list of materials
- Presentation slides (via Google Drive)
- Handout with relevant URLs
- Tech Enabled Field Studies
- Guide to GIS Analysis, vol. 1
- Discussion page for continuing dialog