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"Spatial" issue of the CITE Journal

Posted Sept. 2, 2016 1:47 p.m. by ThomasBaker

The CITE Journal special issue on geospatial technologies in teacher education posted yesterday and contains some real gems that SIG members can use or share with colleagues. I recommend accessing the special issue through the volume's homepage to more easily see the contents of the issue.

In my mind, the special issue is a representation of many years' work by great geospatial educators who are active in SITE. I think the early work of Marsha, Liz, and Aaron (nearly a decade ago) set into motion many of the necessary elements that allowed us to release this issue yesterday. So at its core, this issue is absolutely the work of the Geospatial SIG and its educators. I hope this is yet one more accomplishment by the SIG with many great things to follow!

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