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Geospatial sessions at SITE 2018

Posted March 22, 2018 4:33 p.m. by ThomasHammond

Greetings from underneath 14" of heavy, wet snowfall in Bethlehem, PA. (The National Weather Service said it was 12", but I have photographic evidence that it was at least 14")

I'd like to run down the geospatial events at SITE this year -- several papers, a keynote, and of course our business meeting. In chronological order, they are...


12:00-12:30, room = Wright: Articulating a Novice-Expert Paradigm for GIS Use in Secondary Science and Social Studies Classrooms

1:45-2:45, room = Edison B: Explorers, Thinkers, and Problem Solvers Get GIS, Sometimes Before Their High School Diploma (Keynote by Charlie Fitzpatrick! You don't want to miss this)


12:45-1:45, room = Edison Ballroom D: Geospatial SIG business meeting We need to elect a new co-chair! Could it be you?


10:15-10:45, room = Banneker: Geospatial technologies in mainstream classrooms: A brief examination of pedagogical diffusion (Get the inside scoop on Esri's GeoInquiries from Tom Baker!)

also at 10:15-10:45, room = Edison A: A Curriculum-linked Professional Development Approach to Support Teachers' Adoption of Socio-Environmental Science Investigation (This is an NTLI paper, previously presented at ASTE. It's listed as a Science Ed paper but is on geospatial teaching)

3:00-3:20, room = Whitney: Explorations of Google Cardboard 3D Virtual Reality as Geospatial Technology for Education (This is going to be very cool. Presentation by the one and only James Oigara!)

Also: I scanned the sessions for topics of interest to geospatial educators, and it turns out there's a bumper crop of augmented reality work that looks pretty relevant. No fewer than 9 sessions -- check them out from this URL

Hope to see you in DC!

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