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“Creativity to me is just like… poof… it’s like a bird, like a friendly bird that embraces all… ideas, and just like shoots, out of its eyes all kinds of beauty.” —Liz Lemon (character played by Tina Fey) the television show 30 Rock.

“Creativity is just connecting things.” — Steve Jobs

What is creativity? Where is it found? And why is it important? Creativity is art. Creativity is engineering and technology. It is science and math. Creativity is music, problem solving, underwater basket weaving, and more. But at a general level, creativity is about new creation, and the production of ideas, artifacts, designs, technologies, products – or really anything – that may be novel, effective and whole.

In recent years, the growth of digital technologies has further fueled a tremendous burst of creativity and innovation. We believe that 21st century learning demands creative thinkers and innovative problem solvers who are fluent in working and learning from and with technology.

This SIG explores issues of creativity across many different disciplines in the context of learning, teacher education and technology. We seek to understand through sound research questions such as how we support and nurture creative teaching in the classroom (and out of it)? How we help our students develop a creative mind-set and what the role of technology is in all of this. Through this SIG we seek to provide networking opportunities for scholars, faculty and graduate students interested in the role of technology in creativity research and practice.

This SIG is open to a range of creative expressions and modes, and is a forum for explorations of creativity across many different fields of learning. We are open to unique or alternative modes of presentation (interesting papers or talks on creativity/technology are welcomed, both in conventional and unconventional formats).

If you have an interesting idea for exploring creativity (whether though a research paper, a presentation, a work of performance art, a flash mob style presentation, or something else), join us… We have lots of ideas (and are looking for more) – so we need volunteers to make this the most fun and active (and dare we say creative) SIG that we can be. Drop us an email if you are interested… We look forward to working together.


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