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Shigeru Ikuta

Senior Scholar, Institute of Human Culture Studies, Otsuma Women's University (Emeritus Professor)

Japan - Hachioji



Shigeru Ikuta is a Senior Scholar, Institute of Human Culture Studies, Otsuma Women's University, Japan, and Emeritus Professors of Tokyo Metropolitan University and Otsuma Women's University. He is an education technologist, teacher educator in Science, and special educator with a focus on student learning and development on the basis of communication aids. He completed his graduate work and earned a doctorate in science at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. He had been working as a Professor of Computation Chemistry at Tokyo Metropolitan University for twenty-nine years and is honored to be an Emeritus Professor. He moved to University of Tsukuba and has started collaborative works with schoolteachers, affiliated with the University. He has been conducting many school activities in cooperation with the schoolteachers all over the world for more than 14 years using original handmade teaching materials with dot codes, e-books with Media Overlays, and Augmented Reality in supporting the students’ learning both at the special needs and general schools.