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Imani Akin

University of Phoenix

United States of America - Indianapolis

My education and leadership experiences and goals include collaborating and demonstrating alternative and innovative methods of teaching and learning that will enhance student retention and teacher readiness and effectiveness in supporting diverse student populations.


Dr. Imani Akin, is Research and Dissertation Coach who teaches, who supports candidates and faculty within the Ed.D. and Ed.S Specialist programs. She has taught in higher education since 2010. Dr. Akin maintains a current teaching license and has served in elementary and high schools of charter, parochial and public schools within urban and suburban school districts, supporting diverse learners as a case manager and department head of special education. Valuing collaboration and collegiate conversations, she seeks and seizes opportunities to collaborate. Her research interest include leadership, special education, teacher education, and teaching and learning. Dr. Akin presents her research at national and international conferences and publishes in academic journals.