Share Paper: Augmenting the Corporate Training Reality: A Review of Literature on AR in the Corporate Training Environment

  1. Kristi Larson, University of North Texas, United States
Wednesday, November 4 10:40 AM-11:05 AM Room 2

Abstract: The visual, spatial, and sensorimotor feedback afforded by augmented reality (AR) affords the opportunity to not only acquire information, but to experience it. The potential benefits and affordances of AR-based learning in the corporate training environment include performance improvement due to necessity-based training and immediacy of access. AR-based learning increases motivation, engagement, and decreases training time. However, in spite of empirical evidence supporting the benefits, companies have been slow to adopt augmented reality-based training. Critics cite data security and control, development skills, costs, and worker health and safety among the antecedents for adoption of AR. Research has resulted in the ...