Add item to your planner: Scheduled Event: Workshop 4: Using 360 Degree VR Filming in Education - Elder Chronicles - A First Nation Case Study
March 29, 2021
1:00 PM-3:00 PM
With today's technology, the face of education is changing. We will discuss how using 360 Degree VR Filming in education can create an integrative experience for students. We will also discuss to capture and preserve teachings, and how we are incorporating that into our educational delivery. 360 Degree VR Filming can create an opportunity for viewers to immerse themselves into a topic, or subject, and learn about it using this new technology. Creating this opportunity for immersion, and "being there", can engage a students curiosity, engage their motivation, and give them the control to visually explore anything they would like to see within the environment, creating a personalized experience for them. Education is more than "reading the menu", it is about "tasting the food" and being able to clearly understand a subject on more than just a "knowing" level. First Nation, and Indigenous "education" has always been about the hands-on experiential learning, and this gives students the opportunity to go beyond the curriculum in a more experiential way. Let us show you how we do it, and how 360 Degree VR Filming can help students to engage in today's world! While we may be "digital immigrants", students today have not known a world without digital integration, and it is time that education catches up with the way students come to the table.