Share Paper: Designing for All: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Universal Design for Learning

  1. Jamie Thompson, Sam Houston State University, United States
  2. Jessica Collier, Sam Houston State University, United States
  3. Kimberly LaPrairie, Sam Houston State University, United States
Thursday, April 1 3:30 PM-4:00 PM Room 7

Abstract: Diverse student populations are a critical factor for educators within the K-12 setting. As educators, we have a legal obligation to make courses accessible for learners with documented disabilities, but we have an ethical duty to do so for all learners. Unfortunately, higher education seems to be failing certain populations, in particular pre-service teachers. While there is an increasing range of academic diversity in higher education, many instructors continue to trust traditional strategies and course designs to meet the needs of all learners (Chandler et al., 2017). This issue has only been exacerbated by the sudden need to move traditionally ...