Share Paper: A Comparative Study of a Partially Flipped Model to Traditional and Fully Online Introductory Statistics Course

  1. Sher Chhetri, University of South Carolina Sumter, United States
  2. Mario Toussaint, PK Yonge DRS/University of Florida, United States
  3. Rebecca Hillman, University of South Carolina Sumter, United States
Thursday, April 1 11:15-11:35 AM Room 7

Abstract: Determining the best method of course delivery plagues faculty and universities across the world. In this paper, we will discuss three different methods of delivery offered for the same course at a university prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and compare the data collected from each teaching method: face-to-face, targeted flipped, and fully online. Now more than ever this data and comparison is hard to acquire as universities have converted to mostly online instruction due to COVID-19. The study found that participants in the face-to-face group performed better than the other two groups. However, students in the targeted flipped group reported ...