Share Paper: How does principal e-leadership affect ICT transformation in K-12 education: A competitive structural equation model

  1. Chengmao Zhou, East China Normal University, China
  2. Xiaoxue Yu, East China Normal University, China

Abstract: Within the context of educational transformation and innovation, the use of ICT needs to be embedded in process of school change. E-leadership plays a vital role in this change. The study used structural equation modelling approach (SEM) and statistical software SPSS19.0 and Mplus7.4 to analyze the questionnaire survey data collected from 1128 Shanghai teachers. Results supported that from teacher perspective, ICT transformation is a complex process including social (government ICT policy), organizational (school leadership and ICT implementation strategies) and personal factors (teachers’ attitudes towards ICT, changes in pedagogy and learning). Specifically, school leadership and government ICT policy had a direct ...