Share Paper: Improving Recruitment and Retention of Undergraduates into STEM Teaching

  1. Jasmine Sami, George Washington University, United States
  2. Larry Medsker, George Washington University, United States
Tuesday, March 30 3:15-3:30 PM Room 2

Abstract: Our research addresses how to improve the recruitment and retention of STEM teachers for high need schools through service scholarships like the GW Noyce Scholarship Program and on-campus support. Grounded theory was used to structure and guide our research. Noyce staff interviewed and surveyed GWU students who are enrolled in teaching-focused courses, including Noyce Scholarship recipients committed to teaching after graduation. WebEx interviews were conducted, and the questions related to student perceptions of STEM teaching careers, service scholarships, the GW Noyce Scholarship program, and university efforts to promote teaching as a viable career path. Interviews were anonymized and coded to ...