Share Paper: An Analysis of Corporate Technology Certification Programs

  1. Todd Cherner, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, United States
  2. Alex Fegely, Coastal Carolina University, United States
  3. Cory Gleasman, Tennessee Technical Institute, United States
Wednesday, March 31 4:15-4:35 PM Room 1

Abstract: Corporate Education Certification Programs (CECPs) are created by companies to credential educators in their products. These CECPs can influence not only the technology being used in the classroom but also students’ preference for using certain types and brands of technologies long after they have graduated, and those influences have roots in the educational technology marketplace. In response, this study will use the Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge framework to analyze the knowledge bases being emphasized by CECPs. The paper will include a report of its finding by knowledge base along with recommendations for teacher educators.