Share Paper: Creation of a Technology Embedded Virtual Review Process: Strengthening Diversity and Equity Curricular Content and Students’ Cultural Competencies in Three Blended Early Childhood Courses

  1. Chia Jung Yeh, East Carolina University, United States
  2. Sheresa Blanchard, East Carolina University, United States
Wednesday, March 31 12:30-12:45 PM Keynote Room

Abstract: Cultural competence skills have become imperative to support effective collaboration and interactions for all who work with young children and their families. This project’s purpose is to enhance student’s cultural competence and ability to work with a wide range of young children and families in three targeted early childhood courses through modules containing socially validated, customized, culturally responsive (a) vignettes, (b) videos, and (c) assigned readings. Module contents were developed to align with professional standards related to cultural competence and diversity and inclusion/analysis of specific diversity and culture-related course objectives. The virtual review process was developed to review, assess, and ...