Share Paper: Study on the Effect of E-folios Application in K-12 Education

  1. Qihui Zhang, East China Normal University, China
  2. Xiaoxue Yu, East Normal China University, China
  3. Xianlong Xu, East China Normal University, China

Abstract: Application effect of E-folios in teaching can be used to represent the fusion of teachers' information technology and teaching applications, evaluating which can help position teachers’ information literacy and implement precise training. Firstly, this study combed the index system for evaluating E-folios applications at home and abroad. Then, an evaluation index system for the effectiveness of E-folios teaching in elementary schools was proposed, which combined with the developmental needs of application ability of ICT in China. Thirdly, a mathematical model for evaluation was also established. Fourthly, taking an elementary school in Chengdu for example, the effectiveness of this effect index ...