Share Paper: Reframing Middle School Mathematics Teachers’ TPACK for Teaching A New Computer Science Curriculum: Researcher-Practitioner Partnership, Board Games, and Virtual Teaching Experiences

  1. Margaret Niess, Oregon State University, United States
  2. Jennifer Parham-Mocello, Oregon State University, United States
  3. Martin Erwig, Oregon State University, United States
Tuesday, March 30 3:00-3:20 PM Room 4

Abstract: Recruiting teachers from diverse content specialties for teaching computer science (CS) in K-12 classrooms has been problematic. This first year of a 3-year project examined how a researcher-practitioner partnership (RPP) collaboration designed a new middle school CS curriculum using tabletop board games. The teachers planned and piloted the curriculum in 1-week, virtual learning CS camps. Research examined how the teachers’ knowledge for teaching CS was reframed as a result of their RPP experiences. This study examined this knowledge through four Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) components: overarching conceptions about teaching CS; knowledge of students’ CS understandings; knowledge of curriculum materials; ...