Share Paper: Social networks and e- learning methodologies in the teacher training process

  1. Konstantinos Kotsidis, University of Crete.eLearning Lab, Greece
  2. Panagiotes Anastasiades, University of Crete eLearning Lab, Greece
Wednesday, March 31 1:45 PM-2:05 PM Room 3

Abstract: The rapid development of social networks has decisively contributed to the configuration of a new environment in the field of distance education (Jones, 2020) which also has an impact on adult education. The research objective is the attitude of teachers towards the use of social media in the context of their training. At the same time, the role and pedagogical utilization of Social Networking in the context of Teacher training was investigated. The Laboratory for Advanced Learning Technologies in Lifelong and Distance Learning [e-Learning Lab] of the Department of Education of the University of Crete. [] designed and created a ...