Share Paper: Using Authentic Student Assessment Strategies as Faculty Evidence in Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure in Our COVID-19 Impacted System

  1. Ray Francis, Central Michigan University, United States
  2. Mark Deschaine, The University of Mississippi, United States
Tuesday, March 30 12:30-12:45 PM Room 4

Abstract: Since the spring 2020 semester faculty in higher education have been struggling with not only personal, but professional concerns. Within the typically well-defined system in higher education, faculty typically understand the expectations and performance levels related to reappointment, promotion, and tenure (RPT, and typically manage instruction in ways aligned with their strengths, content, and the needs of the learners. However, the COVID-19 global pandemic set many of the ideas, understandings and practices for RPT aside in favor of an unknown future in many institutions. COVID-19 during the spring 2020 impacted the higher education system. Across the country faculty, as with ...