Thursday, March 21
11:30 AM-12:00 PM
Sunset 3

Fortnite and the Next Level Discourse: Understanding How Gamers Cultivate Pedagogy in Teacher Education

Full Paper ID: 53838
  1. aaa
    Rick Marlatt
    New Mexico State University

Abstract This paper describes a recent qualitative examination of the discourse and literacy practices generated by preservice teachers who played the video game, Fortnite. Following the observation, recording, and transcription of over 30 hours of Fortnite gaming streams, as well as the conduction of semi-structured interviews with six preservice teachers who served as focal participants, Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) was utilized in an attempt to understand how gamers used language and literacy practices to cultivate their developing pedagogies in digital spaces. Findings from the study show that Fortnite players employ a specialized vocabulary to become literate members of an interactive discourse community in which specific literacy practices indicate successful membership and participation in the game. Based on connections to reading comprehension and navigation within formal literacy learning, recommendations are made for future research, considering possible implementations of Fortnite in school-based settings.

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