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  • Academic and Social Impact of Internet on University Students

    Posted by Josefina Guzman on June 14, 2011, 10:57 p.m.

    Traditionally, a gap has existed between professors and students. This gap is generated by the conceptions, paradigms, and visions proper to each generation. However, in a changing world impacted by the rapid advances of science and technology the gaps between professors and students are not limited solely to those characteristic of the generations, but more so to the use and management of and access to technology. “If the network of all networks is the cultural tool of our times and if we wish to favor educative mediation with it, then we must characterize it by a) understanding first the true impact that it exerts or can exert on the social construction of individuals, and the cultural practices that define us, and second b) the manner in which to suggest its appropriation into the educative field.” (Tinajero, 2006) This is what principally motivated this investigation: to determine the impact of the Internet on university students in their daily lives and its uses in their academic lives and social routines.

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