Share Paper: Eradicating Algorithmic Injustice through Participatory Action Research

  1. Melda N Yildiz, Chair, Associate Professor, United States
Monday, October 26 3:15-3:30 PM Room 4

Abstract: This participatory action research (PAR) project investigates the role of Algorithmic Bias/ Injustice integrating new technologies (i.e. Global Positioning System (GPS) in developing global competencies, geospatial intelligence, and computational thinking skills; offers creative strategies and possibilities integrating new technologies in teacher education programs. The study explores wide range of meanings participants associated with experiential activities; the impact of new technologies in developing multicultural and multilingual apps that promotes transdisciplinary curriculum; the ways in which participants integrate geospatial and computational thinking skills into their learning; and how they gain alternative points of view on global issues and renewed interest and commitment ...