Share Paper: Intergenerational Learning in Action: A Case Study on a Pre-School in Taiwan

  1. Chiu-Mei Liu, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
  2. Gregory Ching, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
Monday, October 26 3:15-3:30 PM Room 3

Abstract: Taiwan is currently faced with an aging society and at the same time having one of the lowest birth-rate in the world. Besides the decreased in the number of students due to low birth-rate, the rapidly aging population has also brought forth some serious problems. Furthermore, within an aging society, extra burden are placed on taking care of the older adults, while having lesser time to take care of the young children. With this in mind, the current study shall present the findings of an intergenerational learning class within a pre-school in Taiwan. The concept of intergenerational learning is to ...