Share Paper: Development of an Evaluation Platform of Learner Engagement: A Measurement of Eye Movement with Conventional Pulsewave and Brainwave

  1. Mitsuki Fujimoto, Kobe City College of Technology, Japan
  2. Ryoya Hayashi, Kobe City College of Technology, Japan
  3. Tetsuya Sato, Kobe City College of Technology, Japan
Tuesday, November 5 4:15 PM-5:30 PM Galerie 1-3

Abstract: This paper reports on the development of a practical educational experiment platform for the evaluation of learner engagement. In order to maximize learning efficiency, many efforts have been made to evaluate the learner's mental condition throughout a learning activity. A practical platform for educational experiments has been expected to be developed; primarily, investigations of the possible usefulness of emerging biosignal measurements have had much attention. That's why we have also developed successive evaluation platforms that can measure real-time learners' biometric information, including brainwave and pulse wave. In particular, we have developed and reported the possible usefulness of our newly proposed ...