Share Paper: A Quantitative Study on Learner Engagement Evaluation: Integrated Analysis of Biosignals Including Pulse Wave and Eye Movements

  1. Ryoya Hayashi, Kobe City College of Technology, Japan
  2. Mitsuki Fujimoto, Kobe City College of Technology, Japan
  3. Tetsuya Sato, Kobe City College of Technology, Japan
Wednesday, November 6 3:40 PM-4:00 PM Iberville

Abstract: A number of studies have investigated the evaluation of learner engagement throughout the learning activity, which is essential for maximizing learning efficiency. Real-time measurement of learner's biometric information is expected to be utilized to evaluate a learner's attitude and provide real-time feedback on a learning activity. In our previous papers, we reported some usefulness of evaluations based on brainwave and pulse wave analyses. However, the brainwave analysis is not suited for real-time evaluation in daily life due to the necessity of wearing a dedicated detector all the time. On the other hand, several analyses have been reported to evaluate one's ...