Tuesday, October 16
4:15 PM-5:30 PM
Jubilee Ballroom 3

Utilization of AI Voice Interaction for Educational Experiment System Based on Biological Data Analysis

Poster Demonstration ID: 53693
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    Takaya Masaki
    Kobe City College of Technology
  2. aaa
    Tomohiro Nakahara
    Kobe City College of Technology
  3. aaa
    Hatsuho Nankai
    Kobe City College of Technology
  4. aaa
    Ryoya Hayashi
    Kobe City College of Technology
  5. aaa
    Akihito Fujimoto
    Kobe City College of Technology
  6. aaa
    Tetsuya Sato
    Kobe City College of Technology

Abstract: This paper details the development of voice interaction on our proven KCCT-VB(Kobe City College of Technology Vocabulary Builder). Though our students have to touch a button on the screen to choose an answer after listening to the question on our conventional KCCT-VB which is an Android based English vocabulary building application, the new voice interaction allows them to answer by pronouncing the answer word. As many educators have stressed the importance of reading aloud, our new system which allows our students to answer by their voice, could affect positively regarding their concentration/relaxation on the course of the activities. As which can measure the students' real-time biological data through the brainwave sensor and the pulse oximeter, the newly developed system is proven to be used to unveil the effect of voice interaction on the vocabulary building activities. The examinations of the attention and the meditation evaluation value based on the brainwave, the pulse rate of the heartbeat, the blood oxygen level(SpO2), and the sphygmographic-wave, suggested a positive effect regarding the students' relaxation on the course of the activities.

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