Thursday, June 27
2:55 PM-3:15 PM
Jordaan 1&2

Inviting Education Online: The Development of an Asynchronous Graduate Program

Brief Paper ID: 54862
  1. aaa
    Jim O'Connor
    Touro University California
  2. aaa
    Michael Barbour
    Touro University California
  3. Lisa Norton
    Touro University California
  4. Peter Wong
    Hong Kong Bureau of Education

Abstract: The theory of invitational education® has its foundations in a democratic ethos, favorable perception of the environment, and positive self-concept. Invitational education® posits that a positive learning environment can be created when those involved are intentionally inviting in their attitudes and actions. People within the environment are the most crucial elements that affect whether students’ potential can be unleashed to its fullness. However, in order for that model to have a meaningful impact teachers need to have an understanding of the theory and be able to apply it to their own practice. Although invitational education® started in the United States, there is growing number of international invitational education® schools – especially in Asia. There is a specific need to ensure that there are systematic higher education training courses available. This asynchronous online graduate program in invitational education® is designed to engage students in meaningful ways in order to achieve deep, authentic and applicable learning. This paper will focus on understanding the theory of invitational education® and the development of a culturally relevant graduate program in invitational education®. We explore how a non-profit, multi-national university targeting teachers who are already teaching in invitational education® school, is able to intentionally invite international students into a positive experience using an asynchronous learning platform.

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