Friday, June 29
10:45 AM-11:45 AM

Developing Educational Design Researcher Capacity

Keynote ID: 53130
  1. Susan McKenney
    University of Twente

Abstract: Design research is a genre of inquiry in which the iterative development of solutions to problems in practice provides the setting for scientific inquiry. Design researchers and practitioners collaborate to analyze the problems being tackled, and to develop and refine solutions, which are informed by (formative) evaluation along the way. In these studies, the function of the investigator is typically multifaceted, including the roles of: consultant, designer, and researcher. While most design researchers are afforded formal opportunities to develop their research skills, the consultant and designer skills receive far less explicit attention and tend to be learned informally, at best. If design research is to realize its potential for educational media research, then explicit attention must be given to holistically developing design researcher capacity. This presentation briefly discusses design research, with attention to the goals, nature, and processes of this approach. Then, attention is given to the relevance of the three roles in this process, as well as foundational competencies that are required to enact them. Finally, guidelines are given for developing design researcher learning trajectories.

Presider: Joyce Johnston, George Mason University

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