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Blended Learning in Adult Education - Adult Learners Online (ALO) project. The quality and design of online and blended learning: research results and instruments in an online competence centre.

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  1. Bram Bruggeman
    Toll-net POV

Abstract: Online and blended learning is increasingly applied in adult education to enhance the accessibility and the flexibility of their education programs. However quality assurance, design of the learning environment, and competences of both learners and teachers are key issues that determine the success of online and blended learning. The β€œALO” (Adult Learners Online) project – a research and valorization project funded by the Flemish government for the period 2014-2018 – addressed four objectives: the overall quality assurance of online and blended learning (OBL); the learning design and learner support in OBL; teacher professional development and policy support. Valorisation of the research findings resulted in an online competence centre. The (open) competence centre contains a range of evidence-based tools and instruments for the design, quality assurance and on how to motivate adult learners. In this poster the research outputs in the online competence centre are presented and you can explore different tools.


Participants gain insight in the research outcomes on the design and quality of online and blended learning. Participants are able to work with research outcomes and instruments in the online competence centre: - a quickscan and an in-depth scan on quality assurance; - a reflective and responsive checklist on seven attributes for the design of blended learning; - a learning object on collaborative learning in online and blended learning; - a tool for analysis of motivation profiles of adult learners (and how to coach them); - an interactive infographic on the implementation of social interaction on school department level. Participants can (re)design online and blended learning based on a selection of research output.

Topical Outline

Introduction to the project and research objectives The process of valorisation: the development of an online competence centre The different tools and instruments in the competence centre Quality assurance Workshops Two scan tools: quickscan and in-depth-scan Development plan for quality of online and blended learning Design of online and blended learning environments Checklist for seven attributes Method for analysis of current online and blended learning courses ( based on 4 challenges and substitution vs. redefinition). Enhancing professional self-understanding through an interactive poster on digital capital. Social interaction at department/school level Interactive infographic on the implementation of interaction through social media Motivate the adult learner Sensibilization of the adult learner through an online situational tool Survey on motivational profiles of adult learners, and suggestions for coaching adult learners Hands-on session Creating accounts in the online competence centre Exploration of the competence centre and learning to work with the tools (re)design a piece of content in blended learning based on research outcomes Brainstorm on learning technologies and design principles


Beamer Wireless internet Flipover If possible: computer classroom If not: BYOD > participants use their own laptops

Experience Level



Bram Bruggeman Teacher Computer Sciences and teacher trainer School advisor Valorisation coordinator of IWT-Alo project Member of Toll-net - Technologie ondersteund levenslang leren, Lifeling learning for adults with ICT MSc Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation and Change management bram@toll-net.be Bram Pynoo Dr. Bram Pynoo Senior researcher at VUB Brussels Coordinating project Adult Learners Online Scientific co-worker in transition project in teacher-training department VUB. bram.pynoo@vub.be

Presider: Douglass Scott, Waseda University


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