Share Paper: ICT skills of new teachers in Finnish School

  1. Heikki Sairanen, University of Tampere / TRIM, Finland
  2. Mikko Vuorinen, University of Tampere / TRIM, Finland
  3. Jarmo Viteli, University of Tampere / TRIM, Finland
Wednesday, June 25 11:35-11:55 AM B3110

Abstract: In this paper we analyze how Finnish teachers that have only started their teaching careers use ICT and how well they cope with technology in their classrooms. We use data gathered during the year 2013 as part of a larger survey on the ICT habits of teachers compromising of answers of 5476 teachers (n = 5476). We compare the know-how of teachers that have taught five or less years and focus on four groups of teachers: first and second grade teachers and teachers of mathematics, history and languages. We compare these groups to teachers in general and of all experience ...